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Eight must-have postpartum products every new mother needs to recover from delivery.

They say nature gives you nine months, but between filling out your registry and decorating the nursery, who has time to think about what you'll need to care for yourself postpartum? Plus, with so much information out there (some of those checklists are REALLY long) it's hard to know what you'll actually need — and what's a waste of money.

We asked Ashley Roman, MD, clinical assistant professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Langone Medical Center, what new moms should pack in their hospital bags and have at the ready when they get home. Here's her super simple shopping list:

1. Maxi Pads

Women can expect to bleed for several weeks after childbirth (even if you have a C-section). Have an ample supply of maxi pads at home.

2. A Sitz Bath

It's common for first-time moms to tear their perineum (the area between the vulva and the anus) during a vaginal birth. Ouch! To relieve the pain, Roman recommends filling a sitz bath or basin with warm water. Then, you simply rest your bottom in it — how soothing!

3. Lidocaine Spray

Lidocaine spray, found over-the-counter at the drugstore, can also help relieve pain associated with tearing or hemorrhoids, Roman says. "Don't underestimate the hemorrhoids. They can be quite a shock, especially if you have been pushing for a long time," she advises. If your hemorrhoids are extremely painful to the extent that you have trouble even sitting down, you may have to be evaluated by your doctor, she adds.

(Another Lidocaine spray that works and is quite inexpensive is: Dermoplast.)

4. A Squirt Bottle

"Squirt bottles are so key," Roman says. After a vaginal birth, hemorrhoids may make it difficult or uncomfortable to wipe after emptying your bladder or having a bowel movement. Filling a squirt bottle with some simple tap water can help you feel cleaner after you use the bathroom.

5. An Ice Pack

This household staple also helps to relieve pain around the perineum.

6. Witch Hazel Pads

Another simple drugstore product, witch hazel pads can also help relieve pain associated with tearing and hemorrhoids.

7. Cold compresses and warm washcloths

Cold compresses and warm washcloths, combined with gentle massage, might help with breast and nipple pain, but as far as all the other feel-better products they sell for breastfeeding moms, Roman says she's more of the "see how it goes" philosophy, as opposed to buying in advance.

Cracks and sores in the breast or nipple should actually be evaluated by your physician, Roman warns, because they could indicate yeast or a bacterial infection. However, some women experience very little breast pain at all, so save your money on creams etc. until you're sure you need them!

8. Comfy clothes

You'll feel more comfortable if you pack your own pillow, clothes, pajamas and toothbrush to bring to the hospital or birthing center, Roman says. She also suggests using the mesh underwear that hospitals often provide after delivery. They may not be sexy, but they save you the hassle of messing up your own underwear -- and they're actually pretty comfortable.

Remember: The postpartum period is a delicate time. If you notice a sudden increase in pain or anything out of the ordinary, call your doctor. And you'll get sick of hearing this advice, but try to nap when the baby naps during those first weeks at home, rather than checking your email or doing housework. "You need to be well rested in order to remain healthy and take care of your new baby," Roman says.

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Saturday, June 4, 2016


Postpartum Corset, Medical-Grade, C-Section Recovery & Incision Healing

If you are trying to lose weight immediately after giving birth, here is a great tool to help you with that - The Bellefit Corset. It is good for most body shapes and is adjustable with two rows of hook and eye closures in the front that are separated by an inch apart so you may tighten the girdle when additional compression is needed as you progress during your childbirth recovery. The hook and eye closures are designed with the C-Section incision in mind however it is an excellent option for either delivery method. 

The best thing to do to help you get your belly back in shape is to begin wearing Bellefit right after birth.  However, you will still see results even if you start to wear your girdle at any time during the first 6 months after the delivery.  

Bellefit works together with your body's natural process of recovery. Tested and approved by healthcare professionals at an international level, Bellefit Postpartum Corset is an amazing, expertly hand-crafted, medical-quality undergarment for women after pregnancy as well as Hysterectomies and Diastasis Recti.  Bellefit Garments are not just lingerie, camis, body shapers or a simple hold-your-pants, disguise-your-belly band; they are medical garments to help the uterus go back to its place in less time, provide back support and compression without feeling uncomfortable. Bellefit Postpartum Abdominal Garments are comfortable and easy to wear. The reinforcement in the abdominal area provides adjustable anatomic compression & support, allowing a faster recovery. 

This corset helps to lessen pain and helps your muscles recover. Bellefit helps women resume their daily activities sooner after giving birth. 

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Thursday, June 2, 2016


As a new mom, I remember how hard it was to lose that extra baby weight that I gained during pregnancy.  "Breastfeed!  It will make you lose weight," they said!  Yea, not so much!  Some people are lucky, I was not.  First of all, I was not able to breastfeed and secondly, getting the weight off was not an easy task for me. I was home all the time, stressed, as a first-time mom and I just kept eating.   

The reality is that sometimes, even after breastfeeding and even years after having children, for some people the extra weight is still there. Not very comforting, I know.  For some of us, it is no easy task to lose the excess weight. And not everyone is a gym-going enthusiast.  Sometimes, just having children and the hectic pace of life, is enough to contribute to slacking off when it comes to our weight and health & fitness.The good news is, it doesn’t always have to be like this.

I know from personal experience that sometimes it is easier to have that slice of pepperoni pizza or drink a soda, or eat your kids leftovers. Sometimes, you do not want to go for a walk or not go to the gym, because you are just too tired or busy, but remember, you cannot give in!  If you want to lose weight and get back to being “fit” again, you have to set a goal for yourself and stick to it. You might be tempted to slack off, but if you stick to your goal, later on you will not regret it.

Sometimes, you just need someone or something to boost you into getting motivated.  Personally, I found “my something” that helped me start losing weight and definitely got my energy level up.  Once you get that little bit of motivation, it is just a matter of habit and discipline to stick to your new routine and ultimate goal, but you have to really want it. You have to be ready!  

If you have a baby or young toddler, you can even go jogging with your child and start getting in shape!


Remember, you did not gain all that extra weight in a week, so don't expect it to come off in a week as well!  The key is to not give up.

True, when you have little ones to take care of at home it becomes harder to go to the gym or to stick to an exercise routine, but you can start with the little things.  For example, make a conscious effort to not drink soda anymore, and stay away from sweets.  Do not eat junk food just because you are hungry. Choose healthy snacks instead of junk.

Stay focused and keep reminding yourself that you want to look and feel better, except now the difference is, it is not just a thought in your head, now you are making a real effort to make a change!  When you feel the urge to have a soda, take a deep breath and say, "no!"
Reach for a glass of water instead, maybe with a few lemon wedges for flavor. And instead of a slice of pepperoni pizza, grab a healthy snack, like an apple or string cheese.   

Focus on making healthier choices when  it comes to your meals and snacks.  Every little bit helps when it comes to making a change in your eating habits.  I’ve learned that half the battle is mental.  By that I mean, once you make a mental note and a commitment to YOURSELF that you genuinely want to change to a healthier you, you can make it happen. 

There is no one that can stop you, so don’t give up!

Use this time you have with your baby or small children to go for a walk, while you put them in their stroller or have them ride their bike or roller blades, if they are old enough.  You don’t have to go for a mile run, but start with a small walk around the block. It can be very beneficial for your health and can help to get your endorphin's going.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. You are now on your way to A Fit Place! You are not going to go on a diet, you are going to focus on living a healthier lifestyle. YOU CAN DO IT!
If you need assistance in your weight loss journey or you are simply looking for motivation, please feel free to email me, a personal development coach, at: or visit online at Instagram: FitTeamMommyWarrior for inspiration and motivational health tips.

You can do this!! 
a.k.a. Mommy Warrior